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Harvesting Miscanthus Power Station

Miscanthus, a revolutionary
biomass crop

Miscanthus (commonly known as Elephant Grass) is a high yielding energy crop that grows over 3 metres tall, resembles bamboo and produces a crop every year without the need for replanting. The rapid growth, low mineral content, and high biomass yield of Miscanthus increasingly make it a favourite choice as a biofuel, outperforming maize (corn) and other alternatives.

Miscanthus is predominantly used for feedstock production for both energy and non-energy end uses. It is a valuable new crop, offering major benefits to many sectors, both inside and outside of agriculture.

Benefits of Miscanthus (Elephant Grass)

  • High yielding
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to grow
  • Low maintenance
  • Annual growing cycle
  • No pesticides or fertilisers*
  • Increases wildlife biodiversity
  • Eligible for cross compliance
  • Long lifespan
  • Excellent game cover


* after establishment

Growing Cycle

The Miscanthus growth pattern is repeated every year for the lifetime of the crop, and the annual harvest gives an annual income to the farmer. Read More about theMiscanthus Growing Cycle